Energy Resources

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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RUNNING head: Environmental Science Energy Resources.

Energy Resources
SCI/275 Environmental Science
University of Phoenix

Energy Resource

Introduction: The importance of conserving Energy.

We use energy everyday of our lives in our homes when we turn on the light, using our air condition, heating our homes, working on our computers and using any electronically appliances. We pay so much money when we use energy to put on these appliances. This is why, it is important to make every effort to save energy in our homes.

Renewable versus Nonrenewable Energy.
Renewable energy which is (self- sustaining) energy sources as geothermal, water, sun and wind energy has been on earth as far as when the earth was created. They are expensive to produce because large amount are needed to produce a small amount of energy. Non-renewable energy which are resourceful and are able to produce more in small amount such as coal, natural gas and coal. When these energy sources are used, it is not replaced and also pollutes the environment when they are used.

Method to conserve and help the environment
when we see our energy bills it reflects how we have used our energy, and we must find methods to conserve and help the environment such as using small appliances, switching of appliances when they are not in use and using energy efficient cars. These are personal method we can use to conserve energy and help the environment.

Government efforts
Alternative energy sources has been the focus of government efforts by funding research programs and locate power stations which are situated in areas that will be fuelled by renewable energy sources. The government is encouraging the growth of alternative fuel vehicles. This shows how serious the government is to help conserving energy, and we as a community should work together to accomplish this which will benefit us as individuals, community...
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