Energy Conservation

Topics: Fossil fuel, Alternative energy, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: June 1, 2008
Energy Conservation

Jason Hogue

Environmental Science
Rich Dunsheath
May 25, 2008

Hello ladies and gentleman as you know with oil and gas prices on the rise, and coal and natural gas being consumed to fast; the conservation of energy is a key element in helping ourselves and the environment through these times of change. Conserving energy will help us use renewable resources while protecting or nonrenewable resources. It is important to do this to help our communities, our nation and the world. Renewable resources:

Renewable resources are resources that are produce energy or fuel through converting air, water, heat and solar energy in to electricity; also biomass for different types of fuel alternatives. California and Colorado have been using giant windmills to turn a generator to help supply electricity to heavily populated areas. The US has been using damns for years, but new technology has enabled the production of water generators for the private home use. Solar energy has been use for years, trying to get it cost effective for big energy production has been the only draw back. The cut stock of corn harvested contains cellulose to produce ethanol. Nonrenewable resources:

Nonrenewable resources are those natural resources that we can and will eventually run out of; like coal, oil, and natural gas. These are elements that we as humans can not create, once there gone they are gone. We need to find alternatives now to pro long the life of natural resources.

Here are some examples of how we in the community can help conserve energy and help the environment. Solar water heating system, which uses heats from the sun to help heat water with your regular water heater, using this system the sun can heat about 1/3 of your water supply. A good electricity alternative would be a small hydro power system that uses running water to turn a turbine and produce electricity. This would cut back on the electricity cost and usage. Installation...
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