Enemy of the State

Topics: Surveillance, Privacy, Government Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: March 21, 2013
In the movie Enemy of the State directed by Tony Scott, there is a political bias against having a powerful government. From the year 1998, which was when the movie was produced, technological development has exponentially increased at a rapid rate. The government has become more sophisticated within many administrations including the NSA or National Security Agency creating an elite system of gathering information, as well as upping security standards through surveillance. This has aroused fear in many American’s point of views on what this new “powerful” government is becoming. This is the prevailing ideal promoted within this movie. Exploitation of this growing federal power is sparking fear in regards to people’s concerns for keeping their constitutional rights, and personal safety. Furthermore, the notion of corruption of power within the federal system compounds the fear of the “weak” individual. Technology not only changes the way markets and businesses develop the economy, but can alter human’s social enviornment and interactions. This altering of human’s social characteristics is what is concerning. The NSA has ramped up their attempts on keeping the nation safe through the use of technology and many refer to one major example of this called the “Big Brother Policy.” This, metaphorically representing an actual big brother overseeing a little brother, enables the government to do many things in which privacy can be breached. This can be from tapping phone calls, retaining all of your medical history, billing information, birth certificate, and social security number to name a few. The idea of electronic surveillance All films are on reserve at the Fine Arts Library. Your job is not to merely summarize the film or to comment on whether or not the actors gave a fine performance or if the director did a good job. Instead, you are to discuss the sociological content of the film. Taking popular culture as pedagogical, consider the lessons that popular culture...
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