Ender's Game Essay

Topics: Commander, Ender's Game, Human Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Ender’s Game is a science fiction novel about a young boy named Andrew “Ender” Wiggin. Orson Scott Card, the author, starts the book when Ender is only six years old, in a futuristic earth setting. Ender has two extremely smart siblings’ one sister named Valentine and one brother named Peter. In this futuristic earth all children wear a device on the back of their neck that allows military commanders to monitor their actions and intelligence. The reason this is done is because fifty years prior an alien race attacked earth nearly destroying human civilization, so now the military is looking for new intelligent commanders starting at childhood. The time is coming close for the aliens return to attack the human race again and now there is only one hope left to save the human race. Is Ender the only hope to save the human race? At age six the military removes the monitoring device from Ender in hopes of being able to see what he will do without it. Ender not being very popular gets attacked that same day by the school bully. Not wanting to run away from fear of continued humiliation Ender fights him, and unknowingly kills the boy. When question on why he kept attacking the boy, he stated he wasn’t ending just that fight but every fight in the future with that boy. That is when the military knew he was ready to start his training. So Colonel Graff, the commanding officer at a training facility called battle school takes Ender away from his family to fly to Battle School, a training facility, orbiting around the earth. His first few weeks at the school he begins to notice that he is the smartest person in his peer group, and yet teachers are stacking things against, even turning other students against him. After a few days the students are introduced to the game, for that is all it is refereed as. The game is played in a zero gravity room at battle school. All the children at battle school participate in this game. The game is separated into two squads, or teams, of...
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