Enabling Responsible Living

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Enabling responsible living

Partnerships for Responsible Living

Partnership is the most important thing in life to get succeed in work, with family, with society etc. To get a good partnership need to live responsible. Unfortunately, we live in a society where it is very difficult to be responsible. Our world is more interested in making money than being responsible. For example in business, companies doesn’t think about what profit it makes to customers, they only think about how much money they will get.

1 Conditions for responsible living

The most important thing for responsible living is not lie. If person lies, then he/she can’t be responsible person. Most of companies lies about their products or its quality – how can this be responsible? They say only what customers want to hear, and it is not the truth. The second thing is that the companies hides the bad information for people, for example, all those fast food restaurants. In commercials companies tells how tasty or good is their products, but they don’t say any word about how bad it is for human’s health. So to live responsible its unacceptable to lie about information or hide the bad information.

2 Succeed in business by living responsible

To succeed in business need to gain good partnership, and there is only one thing how it can be done, by being responsible. To get that, companies leader need to build a good relationships with his workers and customers, be polite and understanding, and the most important thing, be responsible and honest to customers, because then customers appreciates that. If leader are honest and responsible businessperson, then those with whom he/she deal with, will respect leader and be willing to keep in touch and workers will start to trust leader , they will know that they can depend on him/her. People certainly don't want to deal with a person who lies or steals. Persons reputation affects how people deal with him/her.

3 Differences in partnerships

If we compare big companies and small companies, then there are a lot of differences in partnerships:

• In big companies leader doesn’t have such a close relationship, than it is in small companies, because leader isn’t interested in communicate with all the people who he employs, actually he even can’t, because there is a lot of workers in big companies. So in big companies isn’t good partnership. But in small companies leader knows every employee. • Big companies lies more often than small companies, because small companies is worried about every customer, because they can’t take risk to loose any customer, but in big companies they really care only of best customers, because they don’t have anything to loose. • Big companies have bigger budget so they are less concern about money, but small companies to whatever they can to get bigger budget and won’t risk with money. • In small companies, there are bigger possibility to express your ideas so that bigger possibility to climb up the career ladder, but in big companies nobody cares about some workers idea. • Of course in big companies workers have bigger salary than small companies workers.

These are the biggest differences between big companies and small companies. To sum up, we can see that better is work for small company than big company, of course many people would say that its wrong because good work is where salary is high, but need to think about what’s more important, to get much money but work with no satisfied, or get less money but work with happiness and every morning wake up and smile because you are going to work. And there we can see that most of people cares only about money and so they won’t live responsible. 4 Success of partnerships

If person have gain good partnership, and close relationship with everybody, then it is evaluated very high, because then person know...
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