Organizational Branding

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Using brand power to shape and evolve your organization
* Who are we?
* What do we believe?
* What brings us together?
* What are we seeking to achieve?
* When people look at us, what do they see and what do they experience? * When we are successful, what will people say about our accomplishments and the contributions we made?

Deciding issues like these is what organizational brands are about. When people work together to define who they are, envision a new future, and make a shared future happen, success is achieved.

Develop organizational leadership

* You know your business better than anyone.
* You respect your people.
* You know what great individuals can achieve.
* You have a vision for the future. You are determined to make the future happen. -------------------------------------------------

* But does everyone in your organization share your vision?

* Do your best people embrace your goals?
* Do your leaders know how to communicate, bring team players together, focus attitudes and energies, mentor skills and ambitions, and effectively channel efforts that grow your organization and make success happen?

Define and build organizational brands

* Everyone needs to know you have extraordinary resources, you are essential to the success of the enterprise, and all of you are committed to the future.

* As a group, you must reflect and embody your values.

* You must connect and communicate effectively with people throughout the organization.

* You must be widely accepted and understood.

* How? Build your organizational brand. Build a unit that's clearly defined, focused, integrated and aligned with the organization, and dedicated to working effectively and achieving success.

Your brand is the future of your business 
* In a brand-centered business, your brand is a power tool that motivates your people, defines customer experiences, and creates relationships with everyone who is important to you. * If you are moving your company forward, your brand is a lever that gives you incredible power. * The more energy you apply, the more you accomplish.

* Today, brand leadership belongs in the boardroom.
* It's about the future of your business and your power to make the future happen.

Exactly what is a brand?

* Your brand is the idea that people carry around in their hearts and minds about you.

* If you are building a brand from scratch, it will also be a fusion of the goals and ambitions you have for your business and the needs and desires of customers, prospects and influencers, all of whom are important to your future.

* And brand reality is more than just what you do or how you do it. It's what you think, what you believe, what you teach, the experiences you create for people, and the relationships that these experiences generate.

* If customers respect you, and you respond to them in constructive ways, you establish a great relationship. If you value these relationships and manage them creatively, you build a significant brand.

* If you make your brand the heart and soul of your organization and dedicate your people to building genuine relationships with everyone who is important to you, you build a powerhouse. * That is how great brands happen.


* Managing on a brand platform is a comprehensive, powerful and productive way to move your business ahead

* Every effort you make to attract customers and become part of their lives will grow your brand, as it grows your business

* If you have a vision for your business, you can make it happen with your brand.

Making brands happen

* Brand planning isn't about circles and arrows and abstract theories and long words and marketing jargon and academic theory.

* It's not about corporate graphic...
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