Empowering Students to Be Innovators

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Empowerment of students to become innovators.

This paper is authored by S. Suryanarayanan, Associate Professor, Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore Inculcating entrepreneurial qualities in management students. In his famous article “ The discipline of Innovation “ ,Peter Drucker says that “Despite much discussion these days of the "entrepreneurial personality”, few of the entrepreneurs with whom I have worked during the last 30 years had such personalities. But I have known many people - salespeople, surgeons, journalists, scholars, even musicians-who did have them without being the least bit "entrepreneurial."What all the successful entrepreneurs I have met have in common is not a certain kind of personality but a commitment to the systematic practice of innovation.”

What Peter Drucker conveys is that besides acquiring entrepreneurial qualities, a person must be innovative to be successful. Innovation is the key trait of successful entrepreneurs .

In the case study “ Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation: The case of Google.Inc.” written by Todd A Finkle, CEO Eric Schmidt says , “I looked at Google as an extension of graduate school; similar kinds of people, similar kinds of crazy behavior, but people who were incredibly smart and who were highly motivated and had a sense of change, a sense of optimism. It was a culture of people who felt that they could build things; they could actually accomplish what they wanted and ultimately people stay in companies because they can achieve something.”

What Eric Schmidt conveys is that employees in Google behave like entrepreneurs; have freedom, crazy work habit, committed, innovative and so on. Innovation is key to successful employees not only in Google, but many companies. Innovation is therefore a common trait for successful person, name him entrepreneur or manager. Many books and articles provide an inventory of characteristics of an entrepreneur, like passion, commitment,...
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