Employment Opportunities

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  • Published : March 16, 2010
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The human resource of a country is the most dynamic and valuable of all resources. For a developing and over populated country like ours, it is essential to understand and utilize the tremendous potential that lay in our human resource. The youth, therefore, is the determining factor of the quality of this potential. Poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and overpopulation have plagued India for ages now. We shall discuss a segment of one of these evils – unemployment of the youth. Before a more detailed study it is important to point out that youth unemployment is a challenge for almost all nations in the world including the developed. But it is in the 3rd world countries that such unemployment has a deep social, political and economic clasp. Developed nations have the advantage of being more organized economically and therefore any alarming rise in unemployment level can be somewhat neutralized by economic policies of the government. In case of India the immense diversity hinders any policy or program’s effective penetration into the core of the target population. The problem of youth unemployment therefore cannot be dealt with at a macroscopic level. An approach that handles effectively the various complications of the problem at a microscopic and individual level is necessary for a nation like India to provide its youth with quality employment opportunities. As a fresh graduate myself the challenges of unemployment are but my very own personal problems.


In the last two decades, India has seen the impact and the effect of the LPG (liberalization privatization and globalization) policy introduced by Rajiv Gandhi’s government in the early 90s. This change quickened the technological advancement and the gradual shift from the manufacturing to the service sector. Manual laborers became more and more useless. This had a strong social impact. In most cases unemployment caused frustrations that eventually lead to increase in crimes...
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