Youth Unemployment in Russia: Possible Solutions.

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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We know that youth unemployment has hit a "record high" in our country and that the problem is now a "national crisis". According to the official statistics youth unemployment in Russia is about 27%, it is much higher than the average rate in the world, which is about 12%. Such a high rate of youth unemployment in our country has a whole number of negative repercussions. And only a few of them are hard drinking and drug addiction in rural areas of Russia, not dropping brain drain, and increasing crime rate. Besides, the whole generation, the so called future of Russia, finds itself overboard the society. Therefore no doubts that some serious measures should be taken by the government and by some employers in order to diminish the unemployment rate among young people in our country. On this essay I would like to examine some possible solutions of such the grand problem as youth joblessness. Firstly, I assume our state could introduce tax privileges to those enterprises, which hire young people with some qualifications and required education but without any work experience. It would be really beneficial for all the sides involved: for the state, for enterprises and of course for youngsters. Also the state could sponsor the probation period of young and inexperienced employees. And in the case if a young employee passes his/her internship successfully and he/she is good to his/her company, this company will refund those money to state. Secondly, I believe it would not be bad to create a list of jobs that are regarded as the most necessary and important for the present Russian economy. Thereby high school graduates could choose exactly those university departments which would have guaranteed their future employment. As a result of it the number of unemployed graduating students would decline due to lower competition among graduates. Besides, the admission of students in specialties that have a surplus of manpower could also have been reduced. The whole point is that...
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