Employee Selection and Training

Topics: Discrimination, Recruitment, Affirmative action Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: August 6, 2012
Employment Selection and Training and Development Programs
July 2, 2012
Travis King

Employment Selection and Training and Development Programs
Employers face many risks in association with selection processes. Organizations must ensure that statements, overtures, and advertisements are not suspect, and its selection process is free of discrimination (Moran, 2008). There should be no references to age in the selection process, or any use of terms such as, high school student, college student, recent college graduate, boy, girl, or any terms pertaining to age in the company’s advertisement of a job description (Moran, 2008). The use of preference in advertisements in reference to a particular race, religion, gender, or national origin is against the law, unless the organization can show that a bona fide occupational qualification requires these qualifications with the exception of race and color. Disregarding the terms above will result in discriminatory violations. The purpose of the selection process is to find the best candidate for the job. I will analyze two different selection processes and strategies by identifying the case examples and the purpose of the selection process. Also, by giving an explanation of a selection process design to minimize risk, discussing the strategies effectiveness or ineffectiveness, and providing an alternative for each selection process if necessary to reduce the risk to the company. In the first selection process, “Simon, Matthews, and Stevens, a Park Avenue law firm, consistently recruit new associates from three predominantly white male schools exclusively” (Moran, 2008 p. 39). The firm includes 17 attorneys, who are protestant white males. The purpose of the firm’s selection and recruiting process is to find candidates who are white males. The firm is singling out its recruiting process to only white males, and limits its resources for recruitment....
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