Employee Recruitment and Selection U3

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Unit 3 Individual Project

This paper will research different types of prescreening tests, and construct a report for the president of a company. The validity as well as the reliability of each test will be discusses. Lastly recommendations for which test should be used in the end for the company’s selection process.

It is common knowledge throughout business that hiring the right employees is the difference between a lucrative and successful business and one that excels. The process in finding employees that are extremely qualified for our companies open positions will require employment tests. It is critically for us as a team to explore the different types of tests that will best answer our needs. This will in the end make sure that we are always hiring employees that can and will do their jobs in the manner that the company sees fit.

With having the opportunity to research different prescreening tests, I have come to find that there are a few that we would benefit from. The first recommendation I would make would be a cognitive ability and aptitude test. This test is to find out ones reasoning skills. It isn’t like a simple math or spelling test, there is no real defined curriculum. A tri-part test which consists of a Verbal Battery, Quantitative Battery and Non-Verbal Battery test. The verbal battery tests the recruit’s vocabulary as well her/his comprehension skills. The quantitative battery tests the recruits ability and skill level to solve problems, which in the end will appraise the recruit’s basic level of abstract reasoning. The non-verbal battery is a test is to gain a particular and suitable accurate estimation of development for recruits. These tests use shapes and figures that have nothing to do with formal educational instruction (CogAT, ND).

Another prescreening test that would bring in the most benefit to our company would be a personality and behavior screening. This screening helps us...