Bsbhrm402A: Recruit, Select and Induct Staff Assessment Activities.

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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BSBHRM402A: Recruit, select and induct staff
Assessment activities.

Assessment activity 1
1. How can an organisation identify the need to make an appointment An organisation can identify the need to make an appointment through the use of “staffing table”, it shows jobs within the organisation, their occupants, reporting relationships and lines of authority 2. What impact does recruiting have on an organisation’s resources Some impacts of recruiting can be positive or negative. The process of recruitment is expensive, so it is vital that they are used efficiently as possible. Undertaking recruitment at the wrong time can have negative effect. E.g. introducing new staff when existing staff have no time to train them.

Assessment activity 2.
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Assessment activity 3
1. What legislative requirements apply to job descriptions or advertising? Federal and state legislations strictly prohibit any form of discrimination 2. What areas can be areas of discrimination unless carefully monitored? * -gender

* Race
* marital status
* disability/impairment
* age
* pregnancy and potential pregnancy
* status as a parent or carer
3. what event marks the completion of the determine job description cycle? The approval process concludes with a sign off.

Assessment activity 4.
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Assessment activity 5
1. what information do you use to conduct an initial screening of applicants for pre-selection interviews. * Availavilities
* Transportation to and from work
* Previous injuries
* Criminal records
* Referees
2. What type of tests are most useful in selection?
Effective tests are those which assess knowledge and skills, for example speed and accuracy tests for secretarial workers. 3. How will you decide on the composition of the interviewing panel? Interviewing panel can consist of myself and my assistant manager so interviews are unbiased and...
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