Employee Burnout

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Burnout is a term used when a person is exposed or has experienced loss of energy or physical and mental strain due to life’s experiences. Some individuals experience burnout from school, family or work related stress. In this thesis I will discuss the definition of burnout, causes and how to handle burn out in work related situations. Burnout

According to the Merriam-Webster burnout is defined as exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration (Merriam-Webster, 2012). Burnout in the workplace occurs more frequently than one would think. A combination of outside factors with organizational issues may cause burnout to arise. Outside factors that contribute to burnout are social, individual and cultural issues. These factors should not be confused with symptoms of depression. Depression and burnout or similar however the causes are different which determines the diagnosis. Example an individual may be suffering from depression because of the lose loved one, therefore the depression is following her to each environment; work, home, social life etc. These symptoms would determine that the person is in fact suffering from depression. Some theories also believe that gender factors contribute to “a curvilinear relationship in differences between men and women in the use of workplace flexibility (E. Jeffrey Hill, 2008).

Burnout Factors
Burnout factors that may support burnout are the feelings of the person who feel as though they over looked, over worked, underpaid and unappreciated within the work place. If a individual is experiencing any of the three listed and no validation from their peers, superiors or clients burnout is likely to occur. Supervisory and organizational factors are the employee never recieves recognition for hard work given or going the extra mile; individual factors develop from not enough time given personally and to much time given to work. If a person becomes consumed...
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