Emotiv System

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Emotiv System
Company Background
When Tan Le and Nam Do sold their company and earned a large of money in 2003, they decided to take a new challenge about processing brain signals. Then, together with Allan Snyder, a physicist and Neil Weste, a chip designer, they founded Emotiv Systems Inc.. The company built a R&D lab to develop a workable system about brain signals process. Finally, the team had a breakthrough-successfully developed basic technology called EPOC, which can detect 30 mental states and process brain signals into software algorithms. Now, The company wants to launch this new kind technology into market. However, there are many issues need to be decided, such as: 1. To launch as a PC-only device or both console enabled and PC enabled, which is better? 2. If Emotiv plans to launch into console market, what marketing strategy would best promote rapid adoption? 3. What kind of demand could materialize for the EPOC console-enabled? How about if only PC enabled?

Technology development about brain activity
Actually, many approaches were developed all the time for transmitting brain activity. Tech| method| Advantage| Disadvantage|
fMRI| Through magnetic properties of oxygenated blood | 1.Able to get strong signals2.Able to distinguish what different brain structures are doing| 1.Much cost2.Large size of apparatus| PET| Through injections of radioactive tracers| 1.More portable than fMRI machines| 1.Expensive process2.Consumer are hard to be willing to endure| EEG| Cross brain’s protective layers| 1.Portability2.Low cost| 1.Bad effects on signal quality| EPOC| Through a head set to capture brain signals| 1.Portability2.The cost is reasonable| | According the table above, we knew EPOC is a new technology that is innovative enough for Emotiv to seek launching into market.

Console-Enabled market
Gaming market is certainly a giant market from which the company can earn amounts of...
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