Emotions and Imagery

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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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Veronica McCray
Lise Esch
ENG 102
May 1, 2010

Emotions and Imagery of the Poem
“Mutterings Over the Crib of a Deaf Child”

"There is universality in Wright's work not only in subject matter but in form and technique as well", these words have been said by Van den Heuvel about the poetry of James Wright. No doubts, he meant also the poem “Mutterings Over the Crib of a Deaf Child” by James Wright. This poem is one of poet’s impressive works in which he used traditional elements and new means of expression of his arts. Being written in pastoral surrealistic style the poem tells about handicapped, namely deaf, child and two people worrying about his deafness so much that they mutter over the crib of the child about the problems which can be faced by the deaf in his future everyday life. It is needless to say that the poem appeals to the readers who suffer from deafness of other people and consider them limited in their abilities and lives. By means of big variety of images transferring senses to the readers, the author conveys emotions of these two people who worry about future of the deaf child, herewith, each has quite different feelings one of them is anxious about everyday life of the child while the other feels calm and secure about it. Having carefully read the poem of James Wright, it becomes obvious that two people over the child’s crib are anxious father and calm mother. Undoubtedly, both parents love and care about their child, so that they discuss their vision of his life quietly, not to disturb the deaf child by any loud sounds. It is vivid that the person asking questions is tense father of the deaf child and the person answering the questions is self-possessed mother. Each of them has their own emotions which drastically differ, and this can be seen and felt from the words they say. Moreover, the author uses different means of surrealistic poetry to express emotions of the parents. In order to convey...
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