Emotional Intelligence of Students

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  • Published: December 11, 2010
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Mental Health Programme for College Students – An Experiment. Dr. Kirti Matliwala Lecturer Bhagwan Mahavir College of Education, (M.Ed.), Surat.

College students may have the best time of their life in the college but nowadays life has become complex, students face different types of mental health issues which are directly related to stress factor. Even if students are capable, constant pressure about carrier, academic work & social life lead them to depression. This situation can be overcome, if a student learns how to cope-up with stress. In present study researcher has made mental health programme ( MHP ) for college students & implemented it for 42 days to M.Ed. students & got opinion about the effectiveness of it. The results reveal that through mental health programme, students became relax, could concentrate well, their understanding were improved & they suggested that this programme should be applied in every education institutes.

Mental Health Programme for College Students – An Experiment Dr. Kirti Matliwala Introduction

Life today has become increasingly complex and tension ridden. It is the era of speed, rapid changes, never ending wishes and desires, which sometimes results in stress anxiety, negativity and depression. When we think about college students, they may have the best time of their life in the college. During this period they have chance for maximum personal growth which will be used for whole...
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