Emotional Intelligence

Topics: Management, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify,
assess, and control the emotional of itself, It
consist of 19 competencies , however today I only
learn 10 of them , which was Emotional Self-Awareness
Emotional Self-Control, Transparency, Adaptability,
Optimism (Self-Management),
Empathy, Organisational Awareness(Social Awareness),
Inspirational Leadership , Developing Others and
Conflict Management (Relationship Management)

(Emotional Self-Awareness) is understanding your
personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts
and belief. Self-Awareness allows you to understand
other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and
your responses to them in the moment. (Emotional Self-
Control) is the control of the bad emotion,
Transparency is the willingness to share its true
feelings with others, (Adaptability) is a person in
adapting to changing in a situations or overcoming
obstacles. (Optimism is mean always thinking on the
bright side of the situation (Empathy means) being
able to understand another person's circumstances,
point of view. (Organisational Awareness) it is the
knowing what the relationship between people is like,
find out who are the decision makers.(Inspirational
Leadership) is how people guid and motivate with
admiration.(Developing Others) is to Strengthen other
people’s abilities through feedback .(Conflict
Management) is to Resolving disagreements over others
or yourself .

For the question I think I will choose Self-Awareness,
sally need to realise that she gets angry whenever her
friend is late for their dates. Next time when she go
out with her friend she can call her to check whether
she will be on time for the dates so that she can do
other things for example she can shop around at the
mall while waiting or exit the house later .

For Self-Management I choose Emotional Self-Control.
Sally can try to control her temple whenever her
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