Emily Murphy

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Power and Influence Report – Emily Murphy
To be a powerful and influential individual is to be able to convince others of a certain idea in order to get what one desires. Emily Murphy was born on March 14th 1868; she was the third child in a family of eight. Throughout her living years she accomplished things that are still to this day well recognized by the country and the British Empire all together. Her many leadership qualities led her to great success with her career and with marking Canadian history. Emily Murphy was a personality of power and influence.

Women had very few rights in the early 1900s, none including political rights. They were expected to get married and have children, becoming the property of their husband. Women were not considered persons at this time; Emily Murphy had a great part in changing that. She first came up with the idea of the Dower Act. This would allow women legal rights to one third of their husband’s property. In 1916, the Alberta legislature accepted to pass the act. She believed women should try other women in court so she sent a request for a female magistrate in the women’s court. This led her into becoming the first woman police magistrate of the British Empire. She later launched and won the “person’s case” in order to make women considered “persons” under the British North America Act of 1867. As a result, women would be qualified to sit and serve in the senate; Emily Murphy was named honorary senate after all her accomplishments regarding women’s rights.

A powerful and influential individual is usually so because of the leadership traits that he or she possesses. Emily Murphy proved she was persuasive when she successfully convinced the Alberta legislature to pass the Dower act and when she influenced her request for a female magistrate in the women’s court. Murphy accomplished a lot in a short period of time because she was determined. She was also diligent and hard working as nothing could stop her from...
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