Emeril Legasse

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Growing up with the Bam Master “Emeril Lagasse”

“Kick it up a notch!” and “Bam!, and the dish was done with excellence, wonderfully presented and a complete meal. Can the chef be a showman as well while cooking in front of a live studio audience? Yes he did with his unique ability to show you how well cooked meals were not only easy but tasted great; Emeril’s show grasped everyone at homes attention. Being credited with making a change for the good, the “new” foodie experience was now being born. Emeril’s essence is as popular as the show itself the seasoning choice of Emeril is what elevated his dishes to another level of flavor.

So how do we make our own signature flavor to enjoy and kick up our own notch of food? Well with much practice and by trial and error we come up with several basic core ingredients for a “bam” effect for our own savory creations: 2 tbls sea salt, 1 tbsp fresh ground pepper, I tbsp ground garlic, 1 tbsp onion powder- depending on the meat add the following for chicken 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp cumin mix all and a tbsp. of tomato paste ingredients in some butter so that you can spread this over the chicken, these ingredients will create a smoky flavor. For an “herbaceous” savory flavoring add in 1 tbsp. crushed thyme and 1 tsp rosemary and substitute it from the paprika and cumin and tomato paste. You can create a flavor based for all your own dishes as well. Perhaps a flavoring/seasoning above and beyond the traditional seasoning could be a start of a career of my own. “Elevate it” to another level of flavoring by Bijan!?

It began in 1993 “The Food Network” television station. The Food Network was launched from New York studios in the fall of 1993. Its legal name is Television Food Network, GP. The network is divided into two separate segments: one dedicated to instructional cooking and the other to cooking competitions. The shows often overlap and slip into one another. <Polaski, Helen, “life123,” web, “A Brief History...
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