Embryonic Testing and Situation Ethics

Topics: Christianity, Suffering, Pain Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Is embryonic testing applicable in situation ethics? (30 marks) Embryonic testing allows people to clarify any disabilities or diseases which their child/children may suffer in the future. From this, couples can contemplate whether or not they would prefer to terminate the pregnancy or to continue with the procedure. There is conflict between individuals in society, as well as people from different teachings. Christians would be prohibited to terminate their pregnancy regardless of whether their child/ children may suffer some sort of defect in the future. The main reason for this would be the mere fact that only God can take away life, and by almost play His role, we are undermining His importance as our Creator. Christians also believe that God has a plan for all His creations, and therefore by terminating life on the basis of genetic defects, we are disrupting the .... of God’s plan. In relation to situation ethics there are no certain rules, as it considers every situation as a unique one. Therefore deciding on what the best action to undertake would be more complicated, however the chosen action must be the most loving one. John Fletcher created four presumptions to aid followers of situation ethics to make decisions applying the principles of situation ethics. Regarding embryonic testing, personalism should be considered as it reinforces the situationist idea that humans are put first and rules second. This means that despite embryonic testing being against the rules of Christianity, if it is the most loving thing to do for the couple, it should be permitted. For instance perhaps the child may suffer a severe disease which will obligate the carer(s) to invest a lot of money in treating this disease otherwise the child will die. If the carers are certain of the fact that they will not have the money to invest in any form of treatments, then the most loving thing to do would be to kill the child before it suffers a great amount of pain. In conclusion, as...
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