Elio Engineering Case Study

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Elio engineering,Inc is a private company categorized under engineering services and manufactured automotives bodies vehicle bodies and trailers, automotive chassis, product and material trailers. Elio engineering is a company that designs the new technology of the seat in the automobiles which is called “No compromise” or “NC” NC seat is a part of All-Belt-To-Seat(ABTS)

The firm was founded by Pual Elio and Hari Sankara.

1996, Pual Elio designed a revolutional bike which got a patent. 1998,Pual met Hari Sankara who was his mentor in Structural design and Analysis department of Johnson Controls,Inc. July 1998 , Pual invited Hari to join his idea about the NC seat and they founded Elio Engineering Nov 1998,They went to present the NC seat to Bostrom Seating, the seat supplier for heavy truck and bus industry, that was looking to develop the ABTS. Early1999,Bob Glaspie joined in as the 3rd member of the team. Feb1999,Bostrom made a licensing deal with Elio.

Mar1999Bostrom planned to unveil the NC seat at an annual trade show in Kentucky

Elio's Technology
A new seat which progress on cost,weight and performance called “No Compromise” or NC which was a part of special class of automotive seats in the industry called “All-Belt-To-Seat”(ABTS)

Conventional Car Front Seat
The seat material can be break, fracture or buckle after the force impact that reached it’s failure level. Often resulting in fatal injuries to passengers.

Its components and materials are inexpensive and light weight. Ease to manufacture and assemble

All-Belt-To-Seat (ABTS) integrates the seat belt directly into the seat. Weakness

Easy to use,Comfort
Higher comfort level
More attractive appearance
“Hugs” the passengers from the back impact.

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