Car Seats

Topics: Car seat, Child, Automobile safety Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: November 12, 2010
Julie Hutson
English 111-04F
C.S. Allbright
October 23, 2010

Importance of car seats
After finding out that I was going to be a mother, a wave of emotions came over me. Like many others who have been in this position, after you have a baby everything changes. You are no longer your main concern, it is all about your child, and you have to be the most self-less person. My son’s safety is more important to me than anything else and this is why I am looking at the product of a car seat. A person can never know “too much” when it comes to proper car seat selection. I am going to talk about the three important criteria that I decided to use when it comes to buying a car seat and I am certain that the overwhelming feeling that someone may be feeling will be lifted some after reading my topic of car seat safety.

There is a lot that can be scary when having a baby or caring for a child. With so many different products for babies and children, it can be very confusing in knowing what will be the best for you and your family. Here are a couple website for people to check out that will be full of insight and ratings of various car seats. One website is which is known as Insurance Institute for Highway Safety which includes ratings of car seats and booster seats for children. The second is which includes best ratings, where to buy the best car seats, and cost. A lot of people may get hand-me-downs as car seats and not know that car seats actually do have an expiration date on them. I found this out the hard way when I went to the local fire department two weeks before I was going to deliver to be trained on properly installing my car seat in and out of the car and also properly snapping it into the stroller.

The first criterion I am going to speak of is, of course, safety. Car seats are used by millions of people on a daily basis and people should have proper education on car seats. In an 11-month time frame, 27...
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