Eliminating Animal Testing

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, Testing cosmetics on animals Pages: 6 (1407 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Arlene Ibarra COM 100
May 14, 2013 Professor Parker

Persuasive Speech
Animal Testing

Topic: The inhumane use of animals fore testing.

Specific purpose: To persuade my audience that animal testing should be eliminated.

Central idea: As a citizen of this society, we need to support the elimination of animal testing.


Attention getter: Did you know that, “About 20 million animals are experimented on and killed annually, three-fourths for medical purposes and the rest to test various products?” (Andre and Velasquez, 2010)

Credibility material: After thoroughly researching the inhumane use of animals for testing, I found that others needed to be more informed and acknowledge that animal testing needs to be stopped.

Relevance to the audience: Most of us grew up using products like shampoo, conditioner, and household cleaning products. It was brought to my attention that we never considered how using these products could have an impact on animals. Being knowledgeable on this topic will enable you help the cause and raise awareness to others.

Preview of speech: Animal testing is a rising and continuous problem. In this speech I will cover what animal testing is and the reasons it is done, the problem with animal testing; and finally, I will provide you with the alternatives that can be used to avoid animal testing.

Transition: First, I will discuss the specifics on animal testing, and the reasons for which it is done.


I. Animal testing refers to the experimentation on animals.

A. It can be described as procedures that are done on living animals. Many of these procedures involve a great deal of suffering. It has been said that most of the animals that are experimented on are thrown away or re-used in other experiments.

1. According to the Humane Society International (2013) some of these procedures consist of: forced chemical exposure which can include oral force-feeding, forced breathing, and injections; exposure to drugs, chemicals or infectious disease at levels that cause illness, pain and distress, or death; long periods of physical restraint and deprivation of food and water, and many more.

B. The testing of animals is done to help ensure the safety and efficiency of a variety of things. This includes everything from medication to cosmetics.

1. According to the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (2013), animal testing is used for some cosmetics, personal care products, foods and beverages and household cleaning products, certain medications, and local university or hospitals that torment animals in cruel experiments.

2. Animal testing is also, performed to help scientist understand how the human body works.

Transition: Let’s move on to some of the reasons it is such a huge problem in our society.

* I want you to imagine yourself living inside a locked closet. You have no control over anything in your life, you can’t choose when and what you eat, how you will spend your time. You are being tested on and in physical pain all the time. You can't even decide when the lights go on or off. After a great amount of research, I have found that animal testing limits these animals to this kind of lifestyle. I find it to be is an extremely inhumane and cruel act.

A. Animal testing causes both physical pain and psychological distress, and suffering on a great number of creatures that are alive and conscious.

1. The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (2013) state that U.S. law allows animals to be burned, shocked, poisoned, isolated, starved, drowned, addicted to drugs, and brain-damaged. No experiment, no matter how painful or trivial, is prohibited – and pain-killers are not required

2. “An estimated eight million animals are used in pain inflicting experiments” (Andre and Velasquez, 2010)....
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