Elements of Music

Topics: Music, Aspect of music Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Stephanie Reyes
Elements of Music Report
March 2013

As a piano player, it is crucial that I maintain a melodic structure to anything I play. Melody is after all, the main component of music, and is usually the part of a song that people remember far after one hears a piece of music. Because of this, I believe that melody is the most important element of a song. All other aspects of music fall after melody, because it complements the melodic structure of a song. For example, harmony, another very important aspect of music, is the result of the melody in a song. Without a melody, harmony cannot exist, and vice versa. Because of this I think it would be quite difficult to compose a piece of music without a melodic element. Of course, some music nowadays have shifted from traditional melodic aspects, such as certain genres of electronic music, but there is still some sort of structure to music that contains melodic elements. It is quite difficult to narrow down a song that consists of this melodic element, as the majority of music has melody. If I had to choose one song that greatly exemplifies the element of melody, it would be Bach’s Minuet in G Major. I personally know how to play this on the piano, which makes me understand a bit clearer how the melodic structure of the song is, and it is truly a piece of music with great detail and lovely melody that will maintain popular for a long time. What I truly love about this classical song is the gradual shift in tone as the music continues. The mood one feels in the beginning of the song gradually changes along with the melody, which is enjoyable and unique. Melody is a very important aspect of music, and it is something that people remember far after they listen to any sort of song. It is also what people can sing/hum/play along to, and it is one of the main aspects of music that people first catch. Because of this, I think that melody is a very important aspect of music, and should remain one of the first...
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