Elementary Classroom Floorplan

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Classroom Floor Plan
Building a classroom that flows easily and allows the students to be productive in their learning environment is an essential part of being a teacher. The floor plan sets the mood, and the teacher sets the tone of the classroom. Without a cohesive plan that works well for both the students and the teacher, learning could become inhibited. As a teacher safety is of utmost importance, but I also wanted to make sure materials were accessible to promote a positive learning environment. I feel that I have designed a great floor plan that will be both functional for my students and allow me as a teacher to develop an inquiry based classroom with ease. I think my floor plan would work well with first through third graders, but when designing my classroom, I initially had second graders in mind. The narrative that follows will take you through my thoughts and feelings about the arrangement of each section of furniture and how it contributes to the flow and accessibility of the students to the teacher, as well as the students to materials.

I have chosen to arrange my classroom with an inquiry based learning atmosphere in mind. I want my students to be able to feel as if the classroom is their home away from home where learning can be fun, creative, and a thought provoking process. Therefore as you walk through the door, to the right I have set up some coat hangers where students can put their jackets, bike helmets, sweat shirts or any other belongings they may have brought with them for the day. Then to the left of the door I have a shelf of cubby holes with the name of each student in alphabetical order. As the students enter the classroom each day they will take a folder from their cubby which will hold their essential documents with the day’s assignments. Written on the white board will be a writing prompt where the students are to write several sentences in their journals. As they begin their day with writing prompt, I can quickly go to...
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