Cyp Core 3.4

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CYP Core 3.4
There are many factors to consider when planning healthy and safe environments and services as there are many vital principles to think about and decide when I am planning activities. Most principles are common sense as every child is their own person and every child has their own needs as it’s important to remember and bear in mind when planning about individual needs when doing the room layout. As when planning it’s important to consider that ‘the duty of care’ of the setting to all the children as the practitioner should constantly have the child’s safety and wellbeing and welfare when planning. It’s also important that the practitioner understands that every child is an individual and unique and have different needs depending on the age and stage they are at and abilities. As some children have particular needs for example hearing impediment as it is important that when in a group discussion they may need to come closer so they can understand and feel more comfortable about what they are learning and this can be taken into consideration when doing planning. It is important that every child and young people have desired outcomes at the current starting point as most activities and games have clear objectives for the child and young people that are also based around the early year’s foundation stage. As it is important that they are based around the age that the child is at as early years foundation stage is for children age five years and younger. It is also important about the responsibility of being a practitioner as every practitioner employed in that setting has a lot of responsibility for the safety of the room layout and the safety of the children. As every child is different so they need to be responsible and cater for every child in different ways.

Every setting should have strong and clear policies and procedures about everything within health and safety within the setting. All the toys and equipment in the setting should be having regular checks and be cleaned on and regular basis to make sure everything is clean and in working order in order for it to be used by children and young people. As some of these checks are required by law and need to be done on a regular basis as if it is an electronic toy its needs to be checked by a electronic every year and get it signed off. As it is important to see if any toys are broken and have sharp edges and the practitioners are unsure about this. As the manager of the nursery should be making sure all the health and safety checks should be carried out every day as they are required for the day ahead by the practitioner. In case of anything happens with the toys by an accident as it if you fail to check to check and wash the toys and equipment this can cause serious consequences. As if they are not checked and washed in the right way, they cause harm the children in different ways. As it could be a hazard to the child to use and play with it. It is also important that every practitioner is aware of risk and hazards and if so how they can help to reduce the risk and what they can do to get rid of the hazards. It is very important when having visitors in the setting ensuring then to follow the guide to health and safety to protect all the children and young children in the setting as it is also important for the practitioner to keep the children safe and themselves. As every practitioner that works there will be given instructions and help giving on to help them follow the health and safety. It is important when having visitors in the setting that the amount of time the visitor is there for and which area of the setting they are in and if they have contact with children and young people. As if a visitor is fixing the heating system they will need to be informed about the health and safety of the setting as they will be moving around a lot. 3.1:

It is important to support children and young people to assess and manage risks for...
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