Electrologic Case

Topics: Employment, Management, Problem solving Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Problem Statement
What should the company do to raise the morale and overall effectiveness of the firm?

Problem Analysis
There are variety of problems pointed out in the case based on the observations and the interviews done by the hired consultant. However, during exit interviews most of the stated reasons why engineers leave the company deal with how the company is being managed. Many of the employees complained regarding their immediate supervisor’s lack of supervision and support for his/her subordinates. There are times wherein the employee really needed to discuss an important matter with the supervisor, but he/she is not available for consultation. Moreover, he/she is also known for not giving feedbacks and showing appreciation to the employees’ works.

Aside from the employees’ concern with how they are treated by their supervisors, there are also issues within the company. It seems that there is discrimination among departments. Administration department is least prioritized or not given that importance because there is gender-bias. There are employees who believe that they have the know-hows to do a certain work but they are not given a chance. There appears to have no opportunity for career advancement as well.

Raising the overall effectiveness of the firm will be accomplished when the employees’ morale are raised. But in order to raise the morale of the employees in the company, all the pressing problem that are currently experienced by the employees should be addressed first.

General Managers should be the one to represent good employee relations. An open-door policy should be encouraged. The employees should be permitted to make appointments with anyone in the company anytime especially with the managers. General Managers should work to create logical career paths for their employees. As individuals make progress on technical tracks, they will also need to receive management training in order to advance to...
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