Electrical Circuit

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Electrical circuit is a path which electrons from a voltage or current source flow. Electric current flows in a closed path called an electric circuit. The point where those electrons enter an electrical circuit is called the "source" of electrons. The point where the electrons leave an electrical circuit is called the "return" or "earth ground". The exit point is called the "return" because electrons always end up at the source when they complete the path of an electrical circuit. The part of an electrical circuit that is between the electrons' starting point and the point where they return to the source is called an electrical circuit's "load". -------------------------------------------------

Electrical circuits usually use alternating current sources. The load of an electrical circuit may be as simple as the electrical appliances like refrigerators, televisions, or microwave ovens. But the loads for electrical circuits can also be quite complicated, such as the load upon the output of a hydroelectric power generating station. -------------------------------------------------

Electronic circuits
Electronic circuits usually use low voltage direct current sources. The load of an electronic circuit may be as simple as a few resistors,capacitors, and a lamp, all connected together to create the flash in a digital camera. Or an electronic circuit can be complicated, connecting thousands of resistors, capacitors, and transistors to create the microprocessors that make computers possible. -------------------------------------------------

Electrical and electronic circuits can be complicated. Making a drawing of the connections to all the component parts in the circuit's load makes it easier to understand how circuit components are connected. Drawings for electronic circuits are called "circuit diagrams". Drawings for electrical circuits are called "wiring diagrams". Circuit diagrams and wiring diagrams are usually...
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