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Ethical Actions Worksheet

Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions:

Was there anything in either the University of Phoenix Student Code of Conduct or the Student Code of Academic Integrity that surprised you? If so, what was it? Why were you surprised? If not, why not? There is nothing that surprised me in the University Of Phoenix Code Of Conduct or the Student Code of Academic integrity. I am grateful to have codes of conduct and codes of integrity. I had them at my past job and I had them when I was a Security Guard. Even though they might be slightly different in they own way they all follow the same principles. It helps guide me and shaped the person I am today. By obtaining all they tell us that every community, school, and workplace have a set of rules that should be respected to ensure that everyone has a safe environment.

What did you learn about the behaviors considered important for an ethical learner or student in the University of Phoenix learning community? I learned that to be an ethical learner requires honesty. We should behave in an ethical manner and make proper choices when doing class work. Cheating and dishonesty should never be accepted even if you’re running behind in school. I also learned that by cheating and taking short cuts can’t get you no were in life today. At the end of the day you are only cheating yourself and building up a poor choice for yourself. Also by cheating you are letting yourself fall in so deep that you’re learning experiences that you are paying for would not work to the ability you want it to go because of how you were cheating yourself through the process.

Why are the Student Code of Conduct and Student Code of Academic Integrity important to you and the University of Phoenix learning community? The student code of conduct and the student code of academic integrity are extremely important to me...
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