Consumer Math

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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Assignment 2.2.6
The journey that I have taken through this Consumer Math class has been educational and eye opening. I have come to find through my studies that the world of business and marketing is not as “nice” as it may seem. This course has thoroughly presented some ways that you can avoid being defeated by the system, and subsequently use these minor disadvantages to your advantage.

As a senior about to graduate from high school, I am now at the point where I can become an active member of society in the world meaning I am no longer just a bystander in business. It is essential to be taught that mathematics has many different facets and some can help save your from bankruptcy and other serious financial downfalls. A major lesson I picked up from this Consumer Math course was the matter of owning or leasing a car. All my life I have been under the impression that buying a car was the only alternative after having a used car. But I learned that sometimes leasing a car could be the better decision when considering one’s financial situation or other personal preferences.

Another lesson that stood out to me was planning for a quality retirement. Before this course, retirement was something that had never once, crossed my mind. Now that I have an educated stance on retiring, I know that it is never too late to start saving. My strong understanding on the importance of saving for my future has brought me to open a savings account in which I have already electronically deposited $150.
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