Eight Unique Features of E-Commerce Technology

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  • Published: April 20, 2011
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Giosis Gmarket International is a consumer to consumer type of E-commerce whereby consumer can sell products directly to another consumer by a market creator creating a marketspace. “Consumer to Consumer (C2C) e-commerce provide a way for consumers to sell to each other with the help of an online market maker” (Laudon and Traver, 2010) The online market maker such as Gmarket will provide catalogue, search engine and transaction capabilities for user to place their products and services on auction or sales. Giosis Gmarket International is a joint venture company with eBay which provides an innovative ecommerce platform for both buyers and sellers. Gmarket attracts sellers from all over the world that offer different products from fashion, electronics to health and food products to sell in their market space. A service fees will be charge only when the transaction is completed. Customer could enjoy the convenient easy to use platform such as catalogues, prices comparison system and secure payment system to shop for goods and services all over the world virtually. As shown in figure 1, the homepage of Gmarket.

Figure 1

Eight Unique features of E-Commerce Technology
Is being defined as “being available just about everywhere, at all times.” (Luadon and Traver, 2010) That is, users could access the webpage wherever they are and 24/7 available. In which it eliminate the traditional retailing shop, fix operating hours and geographic location. As shown in figure 2, an example of the seller eshop from Gmarket marketspace.

Figure 2
Gmarket seller Artbank is able to display its products and services on the webpage for buyers to view and purchase at any day and time. Likewise Gmarket buyer can also shop at their convenience time and not worried about the crowds and retail operating hours. Resulting a reduce the transaction cost, time and location limitation for both seller and buyers. Thus, seller could sell at a lower price as compare...
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