Eiffel Tower

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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The State of the Eiffel Tower

Europe is said to be famous for its beautiful landmarks like The Colosseum and The Stonehenge, but among these structures the most well known is Eiffel Tower in Paris,France. This architecture stood the test of time despite its original plans as a temporary structure This gracefully shaped structure of Paris was built for the Universal Exhibition in 1889 to mark centennial celebration of the French Revolution. A lot of artist competed for their own designs to be built for this event. Eventually, it was Alexandre Gustave Eiffel’s firm, Eiffel et Compagnie, that was granted commission to build this monument. Though it was one Alexandre’s employees who thought of the concept, Mr. Eiffel gained more credit for the project, thus, naming it after him. Alexandre, was recognized for his bridge building techniques. He used these skills for constructing the Eiffel Tower, and designed it to be easily demolished after the exhibition. It took about 100-300 workers to complete the construction in approximately two years, two months and five days..

It was planned that the tower was to be brought down on 1909 but it was decided at the last moment to act as a telecommunication tower for many different uses. This structure also had an important use during the World War I.The Eiffel tower was intercepting and relaying messages since telegraph was used during those times.

The Eiffel Tower was praised and criticized by a lot of people for its aesthetic qualities. Some say that the topmost part of this 324 meters high tower has beautiful views of the city of Paris, and as the years go by more people are visiting this monument. The number of visitors is said to reach around 236 million since 1889, making it an acclaimed tourist spot. Even though the Eiffel tower is stunning to most of the public, there are people like Guy de Maupassant who see it as an eyesore as he stated that he dines at the Eiffel’s restaurant for it is the only place he...
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