Effects the Economy Has on Union Membership

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  • Published : March 11, 2012
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1. What role, if any, does work/life balance play in the success of an organization? - The “work/life balance” will help organizations retain the most qualified employee’s. Explain.
- Today employees are becoming more family based, and they understand that work is continuing to squeeze out their personnel life. The work/life balance would allow a more flexible work schedule, which will assist employees in having a more balanced work and life. 2. How does diversity in an organization affect the organization’s work/life balance? - It requires employers to be more sensitive to the differences of each group. Employers must recognize individual differences for each group and be able to respond to the difference in ways to retain employee while continuing to see a positive growth in productivity. Employers must avoid any practices or actions that can be considered to offend a particular group, and must not illegally discriminate against any employee. What ethical considerations exist that may drive the organization to be more work/life balanced?

- Globalization along with the Generation X and Generation Y population; they are still passionate about their careers, but are unwilling to sacrifice their family and leisure for their career. 3. How can organizations develop culture that supports work/life balance?

- Organizations can add alternate work arrangements that include; part-time work schedules, job-sharing, compressed work weeks and telecommunicating. Having employees as part of the “Employee Involvement” process, it allows them to focus and having more involvement in the job goals. It will help add pride for the job by the employee’s. 4. What role does human resources play in making sure work/life practices are effective?

- Human resources roles include; providing the proper employee training to keep employee’s updated with technology changes and specialty skills, enhancing the quality of current work processes, and employee...
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