Effects on Wearing High Heels

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  • Published : June 25, 2012
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I Introduction
Wearing high heels may seems sexy for certain individual but they are not aware of the negative effects such as pain in knees and back, achilles tendon and changes in body posture. II Body

A Besides that, it will effect the achilles tendon
1According to “High heels can Ruin a Women health,” (2010), heels excelerate the pressure on the Achellies tendon a It shorten and tighten the tendon
b Experience contraction of the Achellies tendon
2 In “Everything about Achellies Tendon,” (2011), ondue strain results in over 230000 Achellies tendon injuries per year in the U.S. alone
a Wearing improper footwear
b Nor too little either too much heel cushioning is bad for the Achellies tendon 3According to Better Health Channel, wearing shoes with minimal support while walking or running can increase the risk as can wearing high heel a Feet which roll in when running can place an increased strain on the achilles tendon b The achellies tendon has to strech more than normal every stride B One of the effects wearing high heels is pain in the knees and back 1According to Foot Orthopaedics Organization of America (n.d.), women who wore high heels with at least three centimetre, will increase the pressure on the knee up to 26%. a Can lead to “osteoporosis” and joint irritation

b Followed by pain in the knee
2Pain in the knees and back will lead to pain on the feet causing the tip of the finger nails to swollen . a Foot Orthopaedics Organization of America (n.d.), it also stimulate the dermatitis and swelling in the finger nails

b Improper blood circulation
3In “ High Heels can Ruin a Women’s Health,” (2010), pain in knees and back during wearing high heels will increase the pressure on the ball of the foot. a Can cause to a condition called metatarsalgia

b Large percentage of the body mass will be...
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