Effects on Relationships Among Adolescents

Topics: Living Things, Life, Eve Berlin Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Chyril Lou T. Caiña February 6, 2013 BSAC-I-ACA 9:21AM Area Exposure I interviewed a woman whose age is 43, single, from Isla Puntod Balulang. She survived the Sendong tragedy with the help of God as well as other people around her. She has many relatives as well as cousins who survived the sending tragedy and luckily no one died in her family when the tragedy occurred. The basic information she gave was that because of the hanging bridge many of her cousins as well as herself survived the occurring tragedy while her clothes as well as the others were already wet and dirty. The tragedy started at about 9:00 in the evening she said when water levels were increasing up to the calves and were at a safety zone at 2:00 AM and there she and the group of survivors were taken to Xavier heights for immediate recovery as well as shelter. Her life before the tragedy was easier she said as well as the way she will cope up in order to forget the tragedy is to work hard and start a new life with the blessings God gave her as well as the help that was given to her as well. She also said that if it had not been for the dog that was scratching her face she would’ve been dead because she was asleep sadly the dog died in the tragedy that saved her. Now that I have heard her story as well as understood what she experienced I now have the insight that the cause of grief and sadness is not because of God but the way we act according to our ways as people living right now because we people take for granted what God has given as such as nature and the living things living in and with nature. We people corrupt because of greed and other vices and sins and because of this some suffer and if not all of us. While it is unbecoming for us to be more and more undisciplined because...
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