Effects of the Computer Games in the Performance of the Students

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Basic Sentence Patterns

Sentence Type 1 S+Vi
1. Birds fly.
2. The star .
3. To be honest .
4. We all breathe, , and .

1. a five-year-old boy.
2. will no charge for the movie.
3. once a great king.
4. There is a stranger to see you.=There is a stranger who wants to see you.

1. It little whether it will rain or not.=Whether it will rain or not little. 2. It / that I was at home.
=I / to be home.
3. It / that you are quite right.

1. The sun in the east.
2. We didn’t anywhere last night.
3. The two boys side by side.

1. it .
2. you .
3. he .

1. Here your hat.
2. There the last train!
3. There the city bus!

Sentence Type 2 S+Vi+SC
1. Her mother a .
2. That the earth is round .
3. What the matter?
Who absent?
S+Be+Adv/Prep Ph/Part
1. This watch is order.
2. My parents are good health.
3. All the guests were .
4. The time is . The train is .
All the lights are .

S+Be+to V
1. My purpose is the exam.
2. Who blame?
=Who is to be blamed?
3. see is believe.

It+Be+SC+S(to V)
1. is easy learn English.
2. is a pity not live with him.
3. would be wrong consider him dishonest.

1. is no use over spilt milk.
2. was a difficult matter everything ready in an hour. 3. is childish like that.

It+Be+SC+S(N Cl)
1. is obvious two and two make four.
2. is a pity you failed to come yesterday.
3. is doubtful he will be present or not.

It+Be+SC+S(for sb to V)
1. It is easy her to pass the exam.
2. It is unusual Jim to get up early.
3. It was possible him to say that.

1. The meeting (for) three hours.
2. Jimmy two hundred pounds.
3. The room five feet by four feet.
4. They have hundreds of miles.

1. He (to be) an honest man.
2. She (to be) good at doing it.
3. He (to be) melancholy.

It+Vi+SC+S(toV/Ving/N Cl)
1. It seems useless study all day long without rest.
2. It seemed no good on working.
3. It appears likely it will rain tonight.

S+Vi(Linking V)+SC (become, feel, get, grow, sound, turn, taste…) 1. The food delicious.
2. Tom angry.
3. He a bachelor.

1. are three boys in the classroom.
2. are many stores there.
3. are a lot of churches in Taipei.

Sentence Type 3 S+Vt+O
1. He your help.
2. We a big hole.
3. She a bitter smile.

S+Vt+to V
1. They help us.
2. We accept his apology.
3. They decided go to Japan.

S+Vt+there to be+N
1. I don’t to be any noise.
2. He to be no trouble.
3. We to be a picnic soon.

1. He me .
2. I have my pen .
3. your gloves .

1. He that chair he bought three years ago.
2. He has every penny he has.
3. the most beautiful dress you have.

S+Vt+O+Adv/Prep Ph
1. Bring the baby .
2. He threw the ball the window.
3. We visited Singapore for sightseeing.

S+Vt+O+to V/Adv Cl
1. He studied his lessons /in order to prepare for the exam. 2. They treat her she were a queen.
3. I found the umbrella I left it.

S+Vt+N Cl
1. We believe ( ) you are innocent.
2. I don’t know he will return.
3. We wonder / he will come.

S+Vt+so/not So+S+Vt
(believe, say, see,...
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