Effects of Gender Stereotype

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Effects of Gender Stereotypes
By Marianne Luke, eHow Contributor | updated October 05, 2011 *
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Cooking and cleaning are part of the female gender stereotype Gender stereotypes are sets of cultural expectations popularly adopted by the mass majority. These roles and expectations are kept in place partly because of the human need to belong. Some cultures have restricting gender stereotypes, while others have become more lenient and accepting of deviation from gender roles. Related Searches:

1. Gender Stereotyping and Women
* Women's gender stereotyping is more commonly discussed when teaching gender stereotypes because many believe that the gender stereotyping of women has been a huge disadvantage for the advancement of women socially, through education and in the workforce. Common gender-stereotypical qualities of women are: submissive, quiet, neat, weak, clean, clumsy, incompetent and motherly. Because social pressures to fulfill these expectations are strong, typically enforced by parents, friends, teachers and media, many women conform to these qualities. They refrain from speaking their minds, becoming active in strength-related sports and not progressing especially well in the workforce because of insecurity and the pressure to become a mother. Those who do not conform to gender roles are often considered harsh, controlling or manly. Gender Stereotyping and Men

* Men also have strict gender stereotypes that typically enforce the idea that men do not have any feminine qualities. Essentially, this means that it is culturally unacceptable for men to display qualities of neatness, being emotional, weakness or nurturing. This leaves the male stereotypical qualities of athleticism, loudness, strength, dominance and being in complete control of emotions. While this can negatively affect men's mental and emotional growth, it also encourages men to excel in active sports and in the...
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