Effects of Facebook

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Background of the Study
Facebook.com (Facebook), the most popular and widely used online social network website, has created frenzy among college students in recent years. Facebook emerged on February 4, 2004, when a 19-year-old sophomore Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg founded the revolutionary site to connect Harvard University students (Grossman, 2010). Zuckerberg, at the time of Facebook‘s inception, had no idea Facebook would evolve into the social network giant it is today (“Existence of Facebook”, 2010). At present, college students have become very active in online social networking and are the largest percentage of Facebook users today (“Facebook Population”, 2012).

Online social network sites, like Facebook, are now an important outlet for communication and building social capital. Today‘s students communicate and network with each other through technology such as Facebook, in some cases more than face-to face communication (Heiberger & Harper, 2010). College students are able to freely express themselves and display thoughts and feelings on self-developed Facebook profile pages. The problem is that students appear to be using Facebook extremely and during times when they should be working on coursework. Although the extreme use of Facebook may be a problem in a variety of professions and K-12 school settings, a focus is especially necessary in higher education given the number of college students using the site.

In Nigeria, most of the college students use Facebook everyday. They have embraced it to the extent that it is already part of their lifestyle rather than just a hobby or a fun pastime. Academic success is the utmost issues to any student, with the pressure to belong to social networks specifically the Facebook. Now ,the universities in Nigeria are still looking for an effective way to limit the use of their college students of Facebook (Ogedebe, Emmanuel, Musa, 2012).

In Pakistan, Facebook is really much being used. Pakistani students like other students waste their time on Facebook activities. They prefer Facebook activities on their assignments and test preparation. This is a big problem that the Pakistan government is going through(Ruben,2011).

In the Philippines, the biggest worry probably every parents and educators are having on students are their low grades which a big percentage of it is caused by the usage of Facebook. It’s almost cliché that all students basically spend their whole day using Facebook. Students are amused by its facilities and how they communicate with friends and people they are shy or insecure to talk to in real life. They are too fascinated that they close one eye about the fake world they are living in through Facebook. The time spent on Facebook literally eats up their time which can be used to do many other advantageous things such as studying. The lack of concentration on studies is mainly caused by the huge amount of time and attention poured on Facebook. Students tend to get carried away and thus they have no time to finish up their assignment or even to revise. Most students have got to log into their Facebook accounts almost all the time. College students are starting to be addicted of the use of Facebook because of its uses with exceptional functions, namely: 1.) It gives them the opportunity to get in touch with their loved ones, relatives, and friends. 2.) It helps them get to know the latest news and issues,3.)They could participate in online discussions and many others; not knowing that it already affects their academic performance. The government is having a hard time to cope up with this dilemma of addiction to Facebook by the students. (“The Effects of Facebook Towards College Students“, 2010)

In Davao City, Facebook is still on top with regards to the usage of the students. In fact, surveys made by some researchers interpret that students give more time on using Facebook than giving time in making...
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