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Case Study: Facebook|

Recently, the social networking sites are getting much more popular on the internet. They are playing a vital role in the way that individuals can easily create their own online profiles, construct their identities and help communicate with each other. Literally, there are many social networking sites worldwide; however, Facebook is the most well-known one since the number of its visitors is significantly increasing. Historically, Facebook was founded almost nine years ago by three undergraduate students of Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg and his two colleges, where it was firstly used by the members who have only ‘.edu’ email addresses. A month later since Facebook had been launched; it was spread very fast where it was used by the majority of Harvard students, then the number of Facebook users increased rapidly after Zuckerberg had left Harvard and move to California in order to make the site expanded more and more (Valenzuela, Park, Kee, 2008). The majority of the individuals who are surfing the internet, spend lots of time on Facebook. They are able to visit their own profiles as well as they can even browse profiles of other people and share interests like photos, games and information (Mikolaj et al., 2011), (Boyd & Ellison, 2007). In this paper, there are a number of questions concerning the Facebook and will be answered. Question 1:

Why do people use Facebook, and what do they do when they are on the site? What are the implications of this behaviour for individuals, organizations and for Facebook? Facebook is one of the social networking sites, which has become the most popular site globally (Lipsman, 2011). The number of individuals who registered in Facebook site reached a billion about four months ago (Mikolaj et al., 2011). Generally, individuals are doing a variety of activities using Facebook platform on the internet. People have a great opportunity to create their own public profiles, in which their old and recent information can be browsed, where Facebook users are able to write their personal information on their own profiles like names, living places, interests, study programs, contact details, photos and pictures as well as the other favoured sites (Hargittai, 2010). In addition, Facebook enables the individuals to communicate and connect with distant friends, colleagues and strangers, showing and sharing their lists of connections as well as extend and strengthen their relationships and friendships, meet each other and sharing their interests, and they can even share the media content (Griffiths & Kuss, 2011). People can also shop online using Facebook browsing shopping pages, seeking for groups or members, and browse people’s walls (Mikolaj et al., 2011). Moreover, Facebook users are able to play free social games such as Zynga, which in turn would help them connect with the other communities. According to Piskoriski (2011), there was a survey done by Information Solution Group demonstrated that more than 30 percept of Zynga game players pointed out that the games enabled them to connect with family and present friends whereas another third admitted that playing games on Facebook made them connect with old friends and one third used them in order to make new friends. Additionally, concerning the effect of Facebook on organisations, organisations are using Facebook platform to make their names much more well-known which in turn leads to increase their sales and profits (Mikolaj et al., 2011). Actually, there are two main factors that have made Facebook the most popular social site internationally: Firstly, the need to belong, secondly, the need to view limitation. All those factors could be influenced by several variables such as demographic and personal attributes, and social and cultural background (Ashwini & Stefan, 2012). In contrast, using Facebook could be leading to the negative consequences. In other words, the increasing hours people spend online,...
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