Effects of Computer Addiction to the Interpersonal Relationship of the Students

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The Effects of Computer Addiction to the Interpersonal Relationship of the College Computer Studies Students

Jervy Centeno
Donn Geo Dimayacyac
Leah Janina Duran
Charmaine Marinduque
Camille G. Santiago

Mr. Jonathan Roque

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Chapter 1: The Problem and Its Background


Computer addiction can have a variety of negative effects on a person. The most immediate are social. The user withdraws from friends and family as he spends more and more time on the computer. Relationships begin to wither as the user stops attending social gatherings, skips meetings with friends and avoids family members to get more computer time. Even when they do interact with their friends, users may become irritable when away from the computer, causing further social harm.

Excessive computer use can take an emotional toll. The user gradually withdraws into an artificial world. Constant computer gaming can cause someone to place more emotional value on events within the game than things happening in their real lives. Excessive viewing of Internet pornography can warp a person's ideas about sexuality. Someone whose primary friends are screen names in a chat room may have difficulty with face-to-face interpersonal communication.

These factors often occur to the students. The researchers conducted a study that involved the College of Computer Studies Students in Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna.

Rationale / Background

The purpose of this paper is to explore the extent to which social factors, defined in terms of interpersonal communication variables, are associated with what is referred to as Computer addiction among College of Computer Studies Students at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Laguna. We also want to determine if age, gender, marital status, and family income, moderate the relationships between communication variables and Internet utilization.

The Lyceum of the Philippines - Laguna (Formerly Lyceum Institute of Technology) was incorporated on January 18, 2000. With Dr. Sotero H. Laurel, Chairman of Lyceum of the Philippines University and concurrently Chairman of Lyceum of Batangas; Mr. Feliciano L. Torres, President of Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing, Inc.; Atty. Roberto P. Laurel, President of Lyceum of the Philippines University; Mrs. Sarah Laurel-Lopez, Vice President/Treasurer of the Lyceum of the Philippines University; Mr. Peter P. Laurel, President of Lyceum of Batangas as incorporators, plans for LPL began to unfold. (History of Lyceum, n.d.)

The College of Computer Studies offers information technology education which aims to produce qualified and well-rounded computer professionals who can develop systems supportive of the needs of the industry and government using computer-based processing systems. (College of Computer Studies Mission, n.d.)These courses were associated with a widespread syndrome, the computer addiction.

Computer addiction is an idea that has been in existence for years. Since the 1970s, avid computer programmers and hackers have been called “addicts” by both psychologists and the general public (Reed, 2002, p. 135). In 1976, Weizenbaum wrote about computer programmers who could sit and work at their computer terminals for twenty or thirty hours at a time. This behavior however, was viewed at the time as useful to technology and society.

“We all enjoy the benefits of the Internet, and for many of us it is also an indispensable tool for work, education, and communication. While time spent on the Internet can be hugely productive, for some people compulsive Internet use can interfere with daily life, work and relationships.

When you feel more comfortable with your online friends than your real ones, or you can’t stop yourself from playing games, gambling, or compulsively surfing, even when it has negative consequences in your life, then you may be using the Internet too much.” (Saisan et.al, 2010)...
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