Technology Is Harmful

Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Bullying Pages: 4 (1539 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Amanda Ish
Mrs. Mikush
English 10
Too Much Technology
Technology has taken a huge toll of importance in the lives of people now-a-days. However, a question arises. Is all of the technology that is being brought into our lives really more helpful or harmful? I feel that people are building too much of a dependence on technology and that it is harming society more than it is helping it. There are many negative effects of computer technology in our lives and what the dangers of having them in our lives are. The government stores many files of personal information about people all over the country in databases (Computers). This worries people about the criminals who might try to steal their personal information and use it against them (Computers). Another privacy risk is that of hackers. Hackers are people who use their skills with computers to gain access to information they are unauthorized to view. These people can gain access to many things by doing this such as credit scores, bank account numbers, and even a person’s social security number. This provides great concern for people because if any of their information is taken without permission by a criminal it can be used for fraud (Computers). Many judges however are concerned with the fact about computer’s privacy because they are unsure about how the regular privacy laws apply to computers due to the fact that computer technology is always changing (Computers). Another concern about computers is for health problems. It is said that said that if a person sits in front of a computer for too long that they will develop various problems such as: damaged eyesight, migraines, fatigue of the hands and wrists, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and strains of the neck and back (Computers). Another reason why too much technology is harmful to society is because of addiction. It is shown that “net junkies” show similar addiction to the internet as to those who suffer from alcoholism (Arnaut). The internet is...
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