Effects of Colored Light on Plants

Topics: Light, Light-emitting diode, Energy Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: December 30, 2012
The Effect of Different Light Colours on Plant Growth

Dianne R. Calub
Marshela Alpha B. Gesmundo
BS-Environmental Science
Prof. Jayson Antonio
Chemistry Department
January 04, 2012

The goal of this study is to learn how the colour of light affects photosynthesis, to identify the effects of different coloured lights on plant growth, and to identify the potential use of different light colours as a growth regulator.

An experiment was performed with the help of 7 students. Mustard sprouts were used as the experimental subjects. The current measures of the mustard sprouts and the different colours of cellophanes were the independent variables. The 20 dependent measures are grouped according to what colour of cellophane was used to cover the box where it is planted.

The results of this study showed that the mustard sprouts that were exposed in orange and green lights have slow development while the sprouts under red and blue light showed rapid development. Therefore, this study strongly suggests that orange and green light should not be used for growing plants under light. On the other hand, in order to obtain the optimum growth or development of the plant, red and blue lights are more efficient to use. Although the suggested colours of light represents a higher probability of rapid plant growth, it still depends on the type and system of the plant if it will react on the red and blue coloured light.

Light is a factor required in order that photosynthesis can occur. In any series of chemical reactions where one substance combines with another to form a longer compound, energy is needed to fuel the reactions. Energy for photosynthesis is provided by light from the sun or from artificial lamps. As with carbon dioxide, the amount of light energy present is important in determining the rate of photosynthesis – simply, the more light or greater luminance absorbed by the plant, the more photosynthesis can take place.

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