Effects of Cannabis and Hemp

Topics: Tetrahydrocannabinol, Medical cannabis, Cannabis Pages: 2 (861 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, is a very controversial topic. People view it as good while others view it as a bad drug. But do people actually know the good that is has and the research that has been done on it by major universities from around the world such as Harvard University here in the United States. I doubt that majority of the population has even done their own research on it, and they believe only what the government wants you to believe, which is that it is bad. In 2007 Harvard University did a study on cannabis and said that the main ingredient in it is THC (detra-9-tetrahydocannabinol) which can help stun tumor growth by 50% and helps stop the spread of cancer. One year before Harvard conducted there test, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) said that cannabis has no medical benefits at all. Since then, the United States no longer funds studies for marijuana. Who do you trust, the government or Harvard University? Today people rely on medicinal marijuana for their medical disabilities or medical needs. Medicinal marijuana is the same as regular marijuana, except it is distributed by dispensaries in the states that allow medicinal marijuana to be legal. Some people who use medicinal marijuana are cancer patients who went through chemotherapy because the medicinal marijuana helps them with pain, nausea and stimulates hunger. People who also have aids use medicinal marijuana because it helps with nausea. Besides for aids and cancer patients, medicinal marijuana helps people who have insomnia because it makes you tired, anorexia because it makes you hungry, multiple sclerosis because it calms people down, or people who choose to induce medicinal marijuana instead of having to take pills due to a tragic incidence that has happened in their life such as a car accident, or anything that has made them impaired or in pain. Medicinal marijuana can be cheaper than having to buy expensive pills to ease the pain, and is less addicting than majority of...
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