Effects of Bulimia

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Effect of Bulimia
Have you ever looked in the mirror and hated what you saw? In today’s world, people are over consumed with the image of the perfect and ideal look for teenagers and women worldwide. Bulimia is a serious, depressive psychological eating disorder. Bulimia is a growing concern as cultural attitudes and the sociological environment continues to idolize thinness and physical attractiveness. Teenagers and young adults are most susceptible to this problem, for which most common symptoms include uncontrollable and continuous vomiting, depression or mood swings. The following reasons will demonstrate the effects of bulimia in a person. Physical effects, mental and emotional effects, and death or suicides are the results of bulimia.

The first effect of bulimia on a person is a physical effect. Bulimia can have physical effects on a person’s body. Teeth enamel erosion and cavities are some of the effects of bulimia which result from stomach acid from vomiting. The stomach acid causes the esophagus to produce burn heart and the salivary glands make it swell. The damage to the esophagus alone can cause ulcers and other scarring problems which may lead to sudden bleeding. Aside from the long-term consequences, bulimia can lead to a variety of imbalances in the body. Bulimia causes body fatigue which results from lack of nutrition.

Secondly, bulimia can have some mental and emotional effects on a person. People with bulimia may be tired and unable to perform at peak levels from the mental and physical stress. Bulimia can cause tension with family and friends interrupting the lives of people with the disorder. Damaged relationships are normal for those with bulimia. Depression and anxiety are common effects of bulimia. Low self-esteem is one of the major problem side effects that bulimia can cause. A desire for perfection, heightened loneliness, and isolation, and an obsession for food can contribute to the side effects. Because of the extreme...
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