Effectiveness of Practices in Human Service

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Ethnic group, Polyethnicity Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: October 29, 2010
Some of the effective human resource management practices that I have seen and experienced are the human resource management creating an environment full of diversity among staff. Recruiting employees that are trained in more than one area within the organization and providing opportunity to advance within the company to other areas of position. I have experience effective practice with how the human resource management makes recommendation to higher up regarding individuals who work beyond his/her role.

Some of the ineffective human resource management practices that I have seen and experienced are the human resource management hiring individual based on an employee’s recommendation without properly interviewing the individual. Practices where the employees have reported unfair practices regarding supervisors or lead person behavior to the human resource management and it is not taken serious just overlooked.

What is your definition of “diversity” and how must it be considered when hiring individuals for a human service organization?

I define diversity as the unique quality of each individual that is different as it relates to race, background, ethnicity, and so forth. It is realizing that each individual is different and is worthy of respect and acceptance no matter his/her race, cultural background, gender, and or status.

When hiring individual one must not just hired based on race, gender, status, political views, ethnicity, and so forth but hiring practices should promote hiring a diverse group of people because it creates an environment that promotes diversity especially for a human service organization. It is important to hire individual from different cultural background, ethnic groups, and so forth for a human service organization because the clientele comes from all levels of life and different ethnic groups; therefore, making it important to consider diversity within the hiring practices.
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