Effectively Writing Comparison and Contrast Essay (Db-Unit 5)

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Effectively writing Comparison and Contrast Essay (DB-Unit 5)

Learning the patterns of writing was very helpful in this course. My preference was comparison and contrast. It gives you the chance to investigate both sides of a topic. By using this for writing, it gives you the ability to explain and research the likeness and differences between several different subjects. It allows you to make decision as to what subject or topic is the best choice and will help the reader to make a sound decision based upon the findings. In comparison and contrast writing you can discuss the pros and cons between similar products. The writing process is a series of steps that is required in order to accomplish a particular outcome.

I have also learned the process of integrated comparison and contrast into an essay. It has several different paragraph structures. There are orders of the body of the paragraphs, which may differ in two ways. Some comparison and contrast paragraphs will focus on how the information is presented. It depends on how the writing chose to present the information. Constructing an outline will help in the process of writing your essay. Outlining will also help to determine the order of your main topic. It was very helpful because it allowed me to have all of my main points in order of importance.

I find that this style of writing was very challenging yet rewarding as well. By gathering all the information from both sides, it allowed me to development my pros and cons in order to develop my argument or comparison and contrast. Having details organized to compare each element is very beneficial. It can help the reader to make a sound decision about what product or service will best choose their need. Learning these specific skills about writing gives a greater insight on what writing skills are all about. Giving the specifics as well as being objective and having solid sources. This has helped because it gave a better understanding of...
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