Effective Study Habits Worksheet:

Topics: Credit score, Debt, Credit Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: April 28, 2013
What learning strategies are most effective in an online learning environment? How can other learning strategies contribute to the success of an online learner?
I wish I knew exactly what learning strategies were most effective for an online learning environment. I’ve been reviewing material and I would say that self-direction is one of the most effective strategies for success in an online environment. Another good strategy for online students to put into action is to display critical attention to course syllabus. It is a huge resource for an online student. Another good idea for online students is to plan set study and login times/days. The last bit of advice I can provide is that online students be fully engaged in all discussions and never be afraid to ask any questions you have. Everyone is different and different strategies will I bare different results with different people. You must be active and might need to try different things. Remember, learning is no spectator sport. What is the difference between a credit report and credit score? A credit score is just a numerical value of your credit report. This is figured from all information in your credit file. It is used by employers, lenders and landlords to attempt to make predictions on how likely you are to your make payments on time and until complete. This score will change as you make good or bad financial decisions in life. A credit report is slightly different, it’s a far more detailed summary of your financial reliability. It’s your history of paying on your debts and bills. Credit reporting agencies make this information available to a requesting third party; lenders, employers, or landlords. In addition to identifying information a credit reports include information like the number and types of accounts, payment history, outstanding debt, and age of your accounts. A credit report also includes a list of everyone who has received a credit report on you over a specific period of time. I...
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