Effective Relationships in a Tribal Organization

Topics: Employment, Organization, Focus group Pages: 7 (2056 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Efficient Supervisor-Employee Relationships
Within a Tribal Organization

Tina M. Phillips
Qualitative Business Methods
Pam Houston, Instr.
Research Report
Fall 2012 Semester

The purpose of my research report is to draw both positive and negative conclusions to the following questions:

* Do the Supervisor-Employee relations within a tribal organization consist of friends or enemies? * Do supervisors within the tribal organizations make attempts to have professional relationships with their employees ? * Do Supervisors teach their employees about change within a tribal organization and is it implemented in the organization?

The present day supervisors within tribal organizations are all women and though some are men the majority of the workforce are women and could this be the reason for the high employee turnover and lack of skills on the part of the supervisors within the tribal organization.

After interviewing my 6 participants at this time for this research report it is clear that both supervisors and employees and of both gender classes with both recanting stories of how difficult it became when personal issues were brought to work and try to deal with them at work. With three of the participants being employees and three participants being supervisors within a tribal organization. These participants were asked a total of 10 questions mostly dealing with employee issues, supervisor attitudes and learning techniques. Subordinate complaints are that supervisors tend to get into their personal business while they are on the job and this further complicates the problem as the employees need to learn that dealing with a Supervisor is strictly for professional types of problems and not personal issues. It was also asked of the participants not to lay blame or criticize others as this was not my intention but to find out how employees within a tribal organization implement and teach about change to their employees.

5% of all responses from the employees were questions answered about their present day supervisor


The significance of this study is to find out if dealing with personal issues at your workplace is really such a good idea because work issues are what an employee should be dealing with at work and not personal issues.

The management problems within the supervisory process within the tribal organization is whether the decision making process for the selection of supervisors from a pool of candidates could be improved by the use of training and also by the use of Literature suggests that personality traits may be effective indicators of individual behaviors and how this relates to how supervisors treat their employees while on the job in a working environment. The significance of my research will be to determine the degree to which each supervisor uses their authority. This subject is a matter of importance because placing the right person in the right job can have a profound impact on organizational performance. Global and nationwide competition has increased the speed of change within the American business environment. World-wide pressure has forced many organizations to send first-line and senior supervisors to training to examine the need for creating a sustainable and competitive advantage, one that will allow Tribal organizations to compete and succeed in an ever increasingly competitive business environment.

After securing permission from the Mr. Wayne Ducheneaux to interview and total of 6 people 3 being employees from different programs and 3 supervisors from 3 different programs to see how each group reacts to a series of 10 questions from which I posed to both the employee and the supervisor when interviewed them in separate sessions. When an employee is first hired the supervisor of his/her department should sit down and go through certain issues with their employees such as pay, leave time, and what hours of work are and what the...
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