Effective Office Communication

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Effective Office Communication


Benefits of effective office communication3





In nowadays, with the development of globalization, the work is more stressful than ever. How to make office work more effectively is a big issue. Communication is a good way and essential in workplace to help improve morale, increase efficiency and create healthy working relationships.

“Office communication includes the communication between the employees as well as the business talks and communications with the clients of the company” (Effective Office Communication, 2012). The form of communication between employees can affect organization environment and culture

Benefits of effective office communication

There are some benefits for effective office communication (Effect Office Communication, 2012).

1 Good working relation. Effective communication in office can improve good working prefermence and build up interpersonal relationships between employees. The healthy relations could be developed by an effective conversation that will increase the productivity and efficiency of the people by reducing conflicts.

2 Problem and conflict solving. “Conflict is inevitable. No matter what type of job you are in, at one time or another, you will be faced with conflict” (Jordan, 2008). Problems and conflicts at office do occur. Leaving space for communication is essential to solving misunderstandings and conflicts among the workers.

3 Health from business point of view. If effective communication utilize in the management, it offer an opportunity for employees to communicate and giving feedback for work process and regulations that will make it easier for them to deliver quality work.

4 Building the trust. Effective communication also helps the organisation to gain the trust of their employees. It is obvious...
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