Role of Business Communication in an Organization

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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Communication plays a vital role in the business organization, is essence without communication one can't think of the existence of organization in real world. Followings are the key roles of business communication: 1. Communication develops civilized society: Communication is what has enabled us to develop the civilized society. It is one activity that we human beings clearly do better than the other forms of life on earth, and it largely explain our dominant role. It contributes to the development of each and every employee

1. Communication organizes works: Communication has enabled us to organize the all sort of activities-------

- to work in groups and
- through organization
1. Communication overcomes barriers: Barriers to our existence that we could not have conquered individually can be overcome through communication with group of people.

1. Communication helps functioning of the organization: Staffing, planning, controlling, reporting, producing, selling, servicing and the like functions are done through communication. The organization cannot function if the persons involved fail to communicate.

1. Communication enables to carry out the management function: It is the vehicle through which the basic management functions are carried out. Managers direct and coordinate through communication

1. Communication coordinates works: All efforts from beginning to ending (procurement, production, distribution etc.) in an organization are coordinated by the communication

1. Communication enables to make plan: Communication with each other from bottom to top a plan has been set up to meet the organization goal

1. Communication enables to reach the goal: Every organization has a goal and through proper communication makes easy to achieve this goal

Virtually all action taken in an organization has been preceded by communication.